Studio Roso


Sophie Nielsen and Rolf Knudsen have worked as a duo since 2010 designing and making permanent sculptural installations in the partnership, Studio Roso. They met studying architecture at the Royal Academy of Art and Architecture in Copenhagen and are graduates of the Royal College of Art, London. As of January 2022 they live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark. Knudsen and Nielsen are excited to launch a series of unique, new objects launched this spring, which will be their first collection of self initiated objects. It is the first time these objects are shown and participating in Collectible will mark a new way of working for us. Each piece has its own DNA exploring light and layered visual experiences. They are all functional objects that seek to push aesthetics and the way known archetypes can be perceived.

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  • Baldersgade 16
  • 2200 København N, Denmark
  • +4526852560