studio mad


studio mad founded and directed by Manuel André Dornhege, is a Berlin based creative studio working in spatial design & art. The work integrates areas of architecture, interior design, art, scenography and develops project specific forms of expression.

HGD-Series 2023 The Series focuses on the design of functional furniture and architectural elements, which are designed with ornamental and graphic surfaces. In particular, the dialogue between ornamentation and sculptural forms of expression is addressed in the context of architectural design. This results in the interaction of digital and analogue production processes, which are developed in the Berlin lab of studio mad. The HGD series are furniture designs made of a mineral composition, that is partially recycled. The material composition is molded and similar to concrete, but significantly lighter. The graphic surface design is created during the casting process and forms a unit with the mold. The designs are characterized by a robust, authentic material and a visually and haptically appealing surface.