Studio Joachim-Morineau


Studio Joachim-Morineau is a design studio founded by Carla Joachim (FR) and Jordan Morineau (FR), based in Eindhoven (NL). Their work is a mix of crafts, industrial techniques and technology. They use experimentation to push the limits of each field.

Studio Joachim-Morineau collection “Archetypes” is a furniture collection, which visually and structurally incorporates ancient Roman architectural elements. Inspired by emblematic edifices such as Pont du Gard (Roman aqueduct, FR) and ruins from the Parco Archeologico del Colosseo in Rome, the two designers translate these classic sculptural languages into a new industrial aesthetic.

  • Address
  • Achtseweg Zuid 161E,
  • 5651GW Eindhoven,, The Netherlands
  • +31643712951