Studio Eidola


Studio Eidola is a Zürich based interdisciplinary research and design studio exploring the narratives of material transformation. Their hands-on approach aims to rediscover the ways of doing from the perspective of ecocentrism.‍ In their practice there is a strong emphasis on learning and experimenting with the craft of manufacturing, this entails an engagement with the material and defining a relationship with its transformation. Manipulation of material properties and process-oriented form finding are their methods to reach new aesthetic expressions. Their work starts with investigations into cycles and properties of raw materials, geomorphic processes that shape the landscape and longstanding making cultures; from there it transfers into objects, spaces and statements.

The exhibited project Ocean Articulated has undertaken to develop an alternative and ecological material with locally extracted ingredients. It is based on a site-specific geomorphological investigation which considers the material cycles of local resources. It explores new possibilities of what is capable to construct from salt and sand. The temporary nature of the material form is meant as a reminder to take a light touch when selecting materials, to borrow from nature, not consume it.

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