Studio DO


DO stone-work ‘Drilling for inner substance’ Vessels - candle-holder - jewellery Studio DO is a stone-work atelier based in Antwerp, founded by Dana Seachuga, a contemporary jewellery designer, and Octave Vandeweghe, an artist. Driven by their affection for stone-carving, they search for the cultural and material role of (gem)stones within the heritage of functional objects. Using basic interventions, shapes, and aesthetics, they strive for the minimal (symbolic) action necessary to give a rock a classical function. The fashioning of their objects begins with core-drilling, extracting cylinder-based shapes from a rock. Hence, a geometric stone segment is made, differing from the raw form of the rock. This working method visually embodies the relationship between natural and man-made creations. Their recent projects embrace vessels, candle holders, and jewellery.