SALT gallery


SALT is a unique platform of its kind, an apartment - showroom established in 2022 by the duo Shay Alfia & Tomer Netanel Levy. The gallery is exposing the public to contemporary fields of collecting and contributing to the local development of personal taste and aesthetics, by promoting and producing unique Israeli collectibles and bespoke projects. The constantly-changing gallery display is an eclectic mix of contemporary and local unique pieces and limited editions, alongside a selection of design icons from the 20th century and several iconic artworks of 1970s kinetic art.

This year SALT will participate in its !rst international fair at COLLECTIBLE, with a selection of works that correspond with the local aesthetics and contrasts. The gallery's showcase will expose artists who use different crafts to express their mindset, creating objects that range between spirituality and functionality and sway from holiness to progress.