KRJST Studio x RSLT Atelier


What if art and design were actually meant to meet each other? What about moving beyond categories and engaging in a creative and handcrafted way of thinking? RSLT is a collaboration between KRJST studio (art), Naïf (architecture) and Tentoon (scenography), engaging itself in a creative way of thinking contemporary furniture. They altogether explore authenticity and imperfection as an aesthetic concept. Its furniture is “profoundly simple” and “perfectly flawed”. Those terms – which may at first seem contradictory – support the same idea: accepting things as they are may be the starting point of a deep and intense artistic journey. Each piece is unique and locally produced.

KRJST Studio has a triangular structure composed by Justine de Moriamé, Erika Schillebeeckx, and their Art. The whole forms a magnetic field of experimentation which attracts and digests its surroundings. Four hands, two souls, and four eyes are tuned together to invoke a collective memory, to alter it, and to pass it on. KRJST puts colors to express what words fail to describe; they paint with weaving threads imaginary landscapes of a poetic, calm, and yet tormented realm, the chaos where emotions are born. 
 The weaved pieces stem from a research work that is rooted in our time, mixing influences of classical and modern art with traditional techniques, which are then adapted and deformed with new technology in order to reinvent a format, tapestry, and push forward its visual and formal boundaries.

  • Address
  • Fabriekstraat 15-19
  • 1930 Zaventem, Belgium
  • +32485574742