PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS Gallery is a gallery that demonstrates an unexpected image of Ukrainian object design. Aiming to expand the boundaries of creativity continuously, the PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS Gallery is designed as an experimental platform for discovering the most exciting phenomena in Ukraine’s contemporary object design, which today extensively produces ideas, experimenting with materials and textures, changing forms and senses.

PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS Gallery is proof of the realness of ideas materialization embodied in extraordinary but functional interior objects. Each of these objects once was just an insane idea. And today, it becomes an emotional attraction point of your interior or public space.

The project exists in two dimensions: — PANOPTIKUM Real Space (Kyiv, Ukraine), an unusual space situated in the territory of the former 1940s factory, inhabited by items and objects born of design multitudes. Here you can see and buy materialized design ideas and get a new experience with the help of extraordinary interior objects.

— A virtual collection of extraordinary items PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS at Its objects balance the verge of collection design and contemporary art. Each is issued as a limited series, accompanied by a passport and an order number.