Moure / Studio


Interior designer and furniture designer, Ludivine Jalabert founded Moure / Studio in 2015, an interdisciplinary design studio based in Paris and now Auvergne. Through each project, Ludivine expresses her sensitive vision of design, because she believes that an interior is not just visual, but indeed arouses our 5 senses. Her various professional experiences, especially in the luxury industry shaped her global vision of design and grew her interest for craftsmanship which now takes an important place at Moure / Studio. Her Caribbean childhood influences a lot her design in terms of colors, fabrics and shapes. Designing furniture is a must in interior design projects, but this is Ludivine’s first collection to come out of this framework: it appears as a desire to assert the identity and style of the studio, but also to change the scale in order to focus on the object.The Collection 001 is intended to be universal: made of simple, pure and raw forms, it is a real support for the imagination, giving free rein to interpretation. It testifies to a sculptural side, inspired by the mineral aspect of the materials chosen (marble, lava stone travertine, etc.): here, the form emerges from the material.

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  • 128 rue des Couronnes
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