Mircea Anghel


Mircea Anghel creates one-of-a-kind pieces, each of them being an evolution of the previous one. The exercise of creation and balance connects with Anghel’s highly mathematical background.

Mircea Anghel is an internationally acclaimed artist and designer based in Portugal. Anghel’s work combines generations-old woodworking techniques and the experimental use of organic treatment methods to form singular design objects. Every piece is made by hand from wood or other organic materials that have either been salvaged or responsibly sourced. Found around the world, the materials carry a story that Anghel cultivates. Piles of timber soak in salt baths for months on end, a tree stump burns for multiple days, a volcanic stone sits for minutes until Anghel matches its comparable table top. Anghel: “I tend to be around a certain piece of wood for months or years. I contemplate it, in search of the aesthetic or object that lies within. I then release the object that is trapped inside.” Born in Romania, Anghel graduated from the Lisbon School of Economics and Management. He previously worked at a hedge fund before pursuing his passion for woodworking. Anghel has collaborated with a range of notable creative figures including Italian interior designer Daniela Franceschini, Venezuelan visual artist Andres Ciccone, and Portuguese designer Joana Astolfi. Currently he is working with Parisian architect Marcel Joulian on the Michelin star restaurant Mirazur, and Belgian interior designer Lionel Jadot on JAM, Portugal’s first passivhaus hotel. Anghel has been based in Herdade da Barrosinha in the Alentejo region of Portugal since 2019. Here, he is leading a growing creative community together with his collaborators and multidisciplinary company ArtWorks.

  • Address
  • Herdade da Barrosinha
  • 7570-514 Alcacer do Sal,
  • +351912747047

Mircea Anghel
Upcoming exhibition

Lose Control

  • Dates
  • from 05 September 2021
  • Address
  • Palais Litta, Corso Magenta, 24
  • 20121, Milano MI, Italy

In many ways, ‘Lose Control’ marks a new phase in the artist’s career. Anghel: “Lose Control is the result of a liberation of energy, an unknown element representing the fact that we are not able to control anything but our attitude regarding life, and even that is at some point uncontrollable."


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