Lucas Huillet


Lucas Huillet describes himself as an artisan designer. Transdisciplinarity is at the heart of his practice. He plays with references and inspirations to design objects or spaces that can be told and read like narratives. From conception to completion, his creative process is a game of back and forth between drawing and material. Since 2019, in parallel to his studies, he designs and makes a series of ceramic objects in my studio. Aware of the issues of the current world, his productions are developed with particular attention to their sustainability. The materials are sourced geographically and are chosen for their aesthetic and technical properties. For his diploma, he did a theoretical introspection of his practice and then applied it in his free project which will lead him to transpose BDSM practices in a series of handmade design objects.

This series of 8 containers is the result of free exploration of form and materiality around the notion of sealing, assembly, and even constraint. I explored knotting by taking inspiration from the shibari technique. Shibari, also called kinbaku, the erotic art of knotting, takes design off the beaten track by introducing another aesthetic. Created without predestination and then tied together, these forms then assumed contexts or uses, and thus to consider them as objects. These artifacts are described and told through narratives that give them a possible existence for the duration of a story. My project calls for a re-understanding of the forms that surround us. This invitation also continues in its presentation to the public. These objects are presented without revealing, at first sight, the stories they have generated. A game of confrontation takes place between the observer and the object in front of him. He or she can summon an imaginary world to understand the object or learn about the story of the object and appreciate its universe.

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