Lenny Stöpp

The Netherlands

During my design process I have a hands-on approach towards the material I work with. My work is shaped by repurposing existing techniques, for example in how I design a mould. By constantly researching and experimenting with various techniques, I question how we approach everyday objects by transforming them. At the beginning of my design process, I purposely leave open what the outcome of design can be. By embracing the qualities of the material during the process it will become clear in what kind of shape and context the work will evolve.

The ambition in my work is looking for a raw refinement. Within this, I take in account how an object can be considered finished or not, from my own view and from the view of the beholder. In the outcome of a design, I find it important that a human touch remains visible.his gives an object character and makes it more personal.

Flu" Stacks is a collaborative project with the Dutch denim brand G-Star RAW for their art platform The Art of RAW. During my collaboration with G-Star, my goal was to see if I could push the qualities of denim and show different possibilities of the material. When I started working together with them, I wanted to investigate their production system and see if there was a waste stream in denim that I could use. This leftover material was the perfect starting point to my project. While working with denim, I was curious to see if I could develop a new type of material. By using an old paper recycle machine I created denim pulp from old jeans. The pulp is mixed with a natural binder, giving the final material the solid result. The Flu" Stacks collection consist of the following three objects: a lamp, side table and a stool. By making three objects I wanted to show the possibilities within the staking of the material. To keep the focus on the material, I created solid blocks that are stacked on top of each other. To keep the build straight-forward the focus will stay on the material used, instead of the complexity of the shape and connections. By doing this it will be comprehensible for the viewer.