Le Beau a une Adresse


Inspiring scenography between design objects, contemporary works of art and architecture. Le Beau a une Adresse, nestled in the heart of the charming Avenue Molière between Ixelles and Uccle, is a Maison d’Art dedicated to aesthetics in all its forms. The art gallery is the work of ISABELLE LECLERCQ, Founder and Curator of this place, who favours dialogue and the highlighting of artists in search of the absolute. For more than a year, she has been offering visitors inspiring moments of discovery.

The philosophy of the Maison d’Art is forged around several axes: words and writing, memory and time, the individual and his identity. The design object, in all its singularity, is no stranger to Le Beau a une Adresse: its sculpture, according to the creative process of each artist, thus transposes, in a poetic way, the essence of imperceptible reality.

A similar fascination for textures and materials. The scenography of the works and design objects revolves around the essential link that binds us to reality and that seems to give each unexpected object an almost obvious singularity.

In the house, visitors can discover unique works by numerous contemporary artists and designers.

Le Beau a une Adresse conceptualizes every cultural and artistic event. Bringing an extra resonance to the places by creating memorable atmospheres. Today, Le Beau a une Adresse is a place that celebrates design, in all its forms. Furniture, unique objects and works of art. Thus, the scenography is constantly changing and the place evolves over time as ISABELLE LECLERCQ wishes.

A place of inspiration, sublimating art, design, literature, gastronomy, and music. An interior architecture with a warm and intimate feel where artists, designers and authors interact. A moment of synergy, in a friendly atmosphere where events o!er the opportunity to share your ideas, your emotions, an opening to the world, and this with a touch of madness.