Johanna Ulfsak

Johanna Ulfsak is an artist and textile designer based in Tallinn, Estonia. Her work is presented as artworks in gallery exhibitions and as non-seasonal collections of design and fashion objects. Ulfsak combines and mixes traditional weaving techniques with contemporary art concepts to create unique items and installations that challenge the established boundaries between disciplines. Her recent exhibitions and projects include: “Floor Plan”, London Design Festival, London ; “Soft copies”, The 7th Artishok Biennial COPY, Kai Art Center, Tallinn; SENORA!, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna, ; Interwoven , Johanna Ulfsak & Kärt Ojavee, Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo ; Save As , Johanna Ulfsak & Kärt Ojavee, Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Tallinn

I have created an oversized kinetic mobile that holds a collection of hand woven textile spirals. Built out of thin bound aluminium rods, the construction slowly rotates by responding to air currents in indoor conditions. Conceived specifically for Collectible Design fair, the mobile explores early avant-garde ideas about functionality and relationship between art and design. Drawing parallels with hanging sculptures made by 20th century artists like Bruno Munari and Alexander Calder, my piece further explores concepts of movement and balance structure by adding spiral shapes. While the kinetic pioneers worked mostly on light constructions to emphasise a feeling of weightlessness, my proposed work is deliberately exaggerated in size to produce a heavier feeling. The aim is to explore the principles of a mobile as a tool for finding a balance between functional and spiritual realities.

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