Jibbe Van Schie

The Netherlands

Jibbe van Schie is a multidisciplinary designer focussing on the relationship between material and machine. Building, adapting and using machines to form a new visual language.

Woven Translations: Can you create a machine that behaves like something it’s not? Or translate one material into another? Fascinated by how looms and knitting machines render digital pixels into textile patterns, Jibbe van Schie manipulated the input and workings of a self-made 3D-printer. His aim was to create an output that resembles a multi-coloured knit or weave - in a ceramic version. Weaving viscose strands of clay, layer by layer, stitch by stitch, Jibbe's fascination took on a solid form. Adapting both the machine and the code led to new outcomes that prompted new adaptations. The ongoing conversation between input and output gives shape to the merging of two crafts, shaking up conventions and exploring alternative translations from digital files into tactile products.