J. Hopenstand


J.Hopenstand is a brand crafting bespoke leather goods. Since 2016, we are inviting contemporary artists to create sculpture by revisiting our reversible belts for our Art to Wear project. The artists are given carte blanche to create the buckle that is then edited in 20 pieces numbered and signed. Since the creation of the project nine artists participated. Wearable Art has the fascinating characteristic to be at the edge of painting, sculpture, design and performance and to radically change the viewpoint on Art as not only the observer can move freely in space but also the piece itself. The project is growing and has been exhibited in various Art fairs such as Design Miami, ArtGenvève, ARCO Madrid or ArtMonteCarlo. Learn more on art.jhopenstand.ch

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  • ch. des Daillettes 8
  • 1009 Pully , Switzerland
  • +41215520223