Driven by a profound appreciation for science and natural design, Granada Gallery showcases nature as the ultimate creator next to human artistry, moving with ease between the worlds of natural history, art and design. Artists from all over the world !nd inspiration here, often using our objects to create their own, distinct pieces.

Originating on Granada Avenue in Tucson, Arizona - the worlds largest platform for the mineral and fossil trade - the gallery's concept has always been the fusion of geological rarities and the memory of evolution with contemporary craftsmanship, art and design.

Decades of collecting and close ties to the trade have lead to a one-of-a-kind fossil, gemstone and mineral collection. Own excavation sites and an extensive network throughout the industry allows us to be at the source of all of the objects we curate and o"er for acquisition, ensuring the highest quality, sustainable and ecological responsibility and complete proof of authenticity.

We advise, supply and collaborate with collectors, jewelers, designers and museums from around the world alike. Through special exhibitions and scienti!c projects we hope to promote higher knowledge and education sparked by curiosity and wonder.

Additionally, GRANADA has been a feature at international events such as Art Basel Miami, TEFAF Maastricht or Design Hotel Arena in Copenhagen.

We invite you to experience our concept at events throughout the year and discover our collections at our locations in Tucson, USA, in Lanaken and Antwerp, Belgium.