Gemma Barr

The Netherlands

Gemma is a designer from Scotland. She has gained ful!lment in letting go of the shackles set by her former studies in industrial design and crossing in to sculptural collectible design. This has manifested by exploring traditional craft techniques and materials and using them in unconventional ways in combination with recycled material, in order to create unique collectible design pieces.

The table shown is part of the Gemiverse series, based on the speculation of the discovery of potential alien materials from an artistic standpoint. Each piece of geology is an expression in materials with form, shape and colour experiments. Materials such as ceramic, self grown crystal, steel, thermoplastic, resin, concrete, copper, tin and recycled materials. The functional aspect of the table serves as the rock from which the objects are excavated from. The geometric metal structure acts as as a net, linking all parts of the furniture together. Geometric nets are often found in diagrams of space theory with regards to showing the relation of objects held together in the universe.