FRESH.GLASS (Russia) is a collective exploring the nature of glass in its tactile, emotional and visual contexts. We create and develop the perception of casted glass as a material, an architectural piece, a sculpture and an object while re!ecting experiences on the interaction with glass. Fresh.Glass was founded by Sergei Martinov (b. 1989) in 2016 in Moscow as an experimental laboratory aiming to "nd and explore various glass techniques.

The core Fresh.Glass technique is kiln glass casting, which involves multiple stages of material processing and requires a high-level expertise. Each glass type requires a speci"c approach to heating and cooling with smooth temperature transitions. Improper technique leads to the formation of internal glass stress, which makes the glass unviable. These risks increase as the size of the glass enlarges. The large-scale kiln cast glass is the main product of the laboratory. Fresh.Glass focuses on integrating unique glass into architectural projects and creating conceptual objects and series designed at the intersection of functionality and art.

LAVDANSKYWORKSHOP is a project that brings together traditional craft techniques and a unique artistic approach to creating art objects. The idea of the creative workshop is to rethink traditional techniques used in church arts and crafts. Addressing the oldest techniques in the creation of contemporary art forms, the authors seek to convey a sense of sacredness, wildness and originality peculiar to the atmosphere of early Christian art.