Everyday Gallery


Based in Antwerp in the new architectural district in the south of the city, Everyday Gallery describes itself as a time capsule for future artistic references. With an approach somewhere between an artist-run space and a commercial gallery, it displays trans-disciplinary artists who engage with the radical spheres of fine and functional art.

  • Address
  • Jos Smolderenstraat 18
  • 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
  • +32493794223

Everyday Gallery
Current exhibition

Crystal Whisper

  • Dates
  • 6 May
  • 6 June 2021
  • Address
  • Everyday Gallery, Jos Smolderenstraat 18
  • 2000, Antwerp, Belgium

In ‘Crystal Whisper’ painted glass becomes a vessel for mystical charge. Translucent objects and faint presences become breaths. Jacopo Pagin’s canvas turns into foil, in which light flares and historical references doom up from the ether. A portal to 18th century Venice, Murano glass becomes a way to embrace the entire history of art, and embody spirits.