Etage Projects


Etage Projects is a Copenhagen-based art and design gallery specialising in a cross-aesthetic method. Actively questioning and pushing the lines between art and design, abstraction and function, Etage Projects works with creatives who form their praxis in-between established notions of contemporary art and design, thereby seeking to extend and to enrich the field of collective and interdisciplinary culture.

The gallery was founded in 2013 and has grown to become an influential, ambitious platform, customary to leading international fairs, exhibition venues, magazines and publications.


Can you imagine a taffel where people throw food ?
We can, but this is not it.
Would you ever wipe your mouth in a curtain ?
Us neither, but here you can!

A taffel to us says indulgence, excessiveness and decadence - misbehave! With the the objects in the exhibition you enter a colourful, playful, pink universe. Around you springs lively objects, oversized floral decor, and a long table filled with creams. With a color pallet that reminds of scenes from Marie Antoinette, you are invited to eat like a queen with mischievous manners.
You won’t be served, catered for or looked after - maybe looked at...

The idea with the taffel is to add to the experience of the already existing objects - to make people enter a universe that becomes a scene for a night with surreal habits of eating.
Whilst hunting for the right topping for the food in your hand, you are invited to look at the objects - take something off of them, grab something in them.

Food might ‘hide’ where you won’t expect and might look like what it is not. We want you to have the feeling of doing something naughty - even just for a brief second. But this night you will be allowed to do something you normally wouldn’t. To eat in a gallery, off collectible pink objects, figurative vases around - inviting you to be mischievous - telling you that “no one cares, and you should just do it!”

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