Elisabeth Baeza


Born in 1977 in Clermont-Ferrand (France), Elisabeth Baeza studied at School of Fine Arts to Saint-Etienne (ESADSE) and graduated from the design section in 2OO3. She moved to Paris and joined the MG Stand Office where she learns about ephemeral manufacturing techniques by working on various fairs and exhibitions until 2OO8. Today, she lives in Belgium where she develops an experimental design activity through her label mala leche Design since 2O14. Borderline between art and design, she uses “reconstituted” materials from 21th century industrial processes such as OSB, MDF, foam rubber, Plexiglas® and heterogeneous objects: webbing, fluorescent rope, adhesive tape, PVC tubing, shape her plastic approach. Inspired by her time: the digital, image and immaterial, her creations are composed of panels and "pre-cut" profiles assembled in a practice based on gesture and observation.

Without apparent technique, Elisabeth ensures a liberating economic independence derived from the principles of minimal art and arte povera. Her work consists in making desirable an undesirable material, giving meaning to the object, linking humor and poetry to design a functional artwork. Her collections sometimes use diverted objects to suggest an aesthetic-fiction close to a staging escaping logic. Ultra-light furniture, nomadic modules, objects made from PVC tubing panels, these become distance reflection where imagination and reality are uniform, proof of the erasure of our current societal model. Since then, she has presented and exhibited her creations in various promotional fairs such as Paris Design Week, the Biennale of Saint-Etienne and Kortrijk, Design September, Accessible Art Fair, and more recently in physical and virtual galleries.

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