EDXXKAT is a duo composed of Katy Pititskaya (b. 1992) and Eduard Eremchuk (b.1994) architects and designers based in Milan. We specialize in architecture, interior design and product design. We have projects in cities such as Shanghai, New York, Milan, Moscow and so on. The main philosophy of our projects is the creation of unique spaces that combine contemporary culture, fashion, art and design.

ALIEN CHAIR /'EILIEN/ 1.A HYPOTHETICAL OR FICTIONAL BEING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. Alien chair is our fantasy about one chair from outer space. Experiments with di!erent materials within one concept allow us to recognise how a particular material a!ects the shape, the functionality of the object and its "nal look. It leads to new discoveries of metamorphoses happening with one chair. Alien chair.2 was handcrafted in natural wax. Fragile, opaque, imperfect, with twisted and melted edges, always unique - this is how wax is playing with rigid shapes.