Döppel Studio


Döppel is a Paris based design practice explorating the boundaries between disciplines by Lionel Dinis Salazar & Jonathan Omar. The name is drawn from the german “Doppelgänger” meaning double. It refers, mainly, to the dual approach of the studio, working on micro and macro scales. Döppel Studio’s work focuses on questioning forms and uses to build pragmatic and sensitive projects. Whether it is a question of designing a unique piece or an industrial project, the studio's research is the same: going beyond the simple function and going beyond the “minimum required”. Considering the confrontation of ideas and designs as a way to achieve a fair and effective project, the duo is looking for a design that literally mobilizes body and mind. COLLECTIBLE 2022 - ROCK COLLECTION The project that we will present in 2022 is a project where we return to a practice of manual sculpture, in search of randomness as a creative process in opposition to digital 3d work. We wanted to work on trompe-oeil and balance, drawing inspiration from cairns. Passionate about rock shapes, we have sculpted pebbles that we superimpose and contrast with pure geometric shapes. The idea is to modify the role of wood by giving it mineral forms thanks to the technique of "brushing wood" in a collection of furniture.

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  • 20 Rue Primo Levi
  • 75013 Paris, France
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