ABOUT The DIRT: The DIRT (which stands for the Dutch Institute of Royal Taste), is a cultural agency that focusses on beauty in its many forms and expressions. ABOUT THE GALLERY: The Design Gallery aims to promote European design from young artists and designers. We approach our space as a kind of flower arrangement that we are constantly rearranging. As we easily get bored, we tend to be in constant search of new objects and presentations. Continuously evolving and reinventing ourselves. OUR VISION ON DESIGN: Design often has a decadent and elitist connotation, which we think is a gross misconception. We strive to make the decadence of unique and collectible design obtainable for everyone. Decadence to us is love of materiality and beauty. Decadence actually only becomes negative when it is applied in obscene excess. The enamour that you can feel for an object, celebrates the beauty of materialism. We like to be on the edge of design where functionality occasionally becomes secondary. Some of our objects feign the illusion of functionality but are actually pure scenery. In a certain sense, this raises the question for ourselves and our environment: how important is functionality?

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