Dimitrih Correa


Materia, from Latin, is the origin of the world material, matéria, in Portugese. The collection is a tribute to the Atelier's main raw material, hardwoods. This word itself has the same etymology in Portugese linked to materiae, madeira. We work these hardwoods in an unconventinal way, reusing them revealing something beautifull that to unskilled/inexperienced eyes could look loke garbage or waste. This way, there is no destruction, no tree is cut and what would become rubbish turns useful. The core of our work is based on searching and collecting old hardwood beams, flooring structures, and other wood-based construction materials that were largely used in the past.

Some of these constructions are in ruins, completlely damaged by weather and time. This rediscovery continues when this raw materilas arrives at the Atelier, where a transformation starts. Soot, nails and screws, within several uncountable wrechages, must be taken off before a new projects takes place. After the sorting and cleanness, the materials is in ways to be radically transformed. What was once pale, sometimes carbonized, but always forgotten, becomes vibrant, full of life, and unveils a unique and deep beauty. Rise again in its greatness to share history, emotions, and feelings. Maternae, made with soul.

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