Didi NG Wing Yin

Hong Kong 

NG Wing Yin (b. 1989) is a Hong Kong Born artist-designer based in Helsinki. Upon completing a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012, he went on to work in the furniture- and interior design industry. He is currently attending the MA in Interior Architecture at Aalto University, Finland, where his practice has shifted toward woodworking in the fields of contemporary design and crafts. In his practice, Wing Yin seeks to expand perspectives on wood crafting and to highlight wood's natural materiality through experimental surface treatments and hand-carving techniques.

His dedication to wood crafting over the past years has resulted in small- and large-scale works situated in a space between sculpture, installation, and furniture.

I wanted to share my daily experience of being close to wood through sight and touch to enhance aspects of wood that are usually hidden. In the case of Pleats Vase, the vessel’s shape directly followed the natural twisting of the wood !bre inside a tree trunk. A unique, yet approachable object that invites people to interact with it. Employing a brushing technique emphasized the natural, twisting grain line of wood and provided an almost cloth-like surface. Pleats Vase speaks of the natural poetic beauty of wood and invites people to touch it through its multifaceted, light, and soft appearance.