Daan De Wit, Elias Van Orshaegen & Thibeau Scarcériaux


Daan De Wit is a Belgian object designer. In his studio, he combines various materials and techniques to produce small collections of pieces that are both functional and aesthetic. They are inspired by a natural phenomenon, a particular system or ideology. By looking for the essence, he approaches materials as purely as possible. Techniques are not hidden away, but come to the surface to interact with the material.

“By creating objects that are not purely functional, I do not limit myself to traditional formal conventions. This gives the objects a strong identity regardless of their use.”

Specialized in handmade and custom-made furniture. Elias Van Orshaegen has an intuitive hands-on approach where atmosphere, clear forms and the sensory qualities of materials are central. Fascinated by primary cultures and the forms they used, Elias translates these inspirations into functional objects with a certain simplicity and subtlety.

Thibeau Scarcériaux is a Belgium-based, artist/designer. His practice is diverse but consistent and stands out for its unusual material, sculptural and monumental qualities. Thibeau creates objects/installations around taboos by researching the social, cultural, economic and physical characteristics of this subject. This creates a dialogue between the work and the viewer, bringing up the subject and allowing the viewer to choose their own perspective on the subject. A moment of contemplation.