COSEINCORSO is a multi-disciplinary design studio translating local histories into limited-run collections and creative services founded by Marzia Cerio and Marwann Frikach in 2021. Our approach aims to reintroduce poetics into the production process of objects and highlights the cultural context in which they are made. We focus on research and handcrafted production as well as on the valorization and transmission of know-how. We work in collaboration with artisans and source local material.

Each project is inspired by history, archaeology, and geography and translates the essence of a region into physical form. Our objects can be seen as an open door to our universe, but also as a possible form of escapism. We want everyone to feel both textures, materials and the work of the hand but also the magic, the poetry and the uncanny that the story behind each collection reveals.

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  • Rue de Bosnie 27
  • 1060 SAINT GILLES Brussels , Belgium
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