Corpus Studio is an architecture and design office based in Paris, working locally and abroad. Founded in 2017 by Konrad Steffensen and Ronan Le Grand, Corpus Studio creates spaces, objects, places, stories, atmospheres and environments. Our approach is cross disciplinary, fusing architecture, decoration and design with a unique global vision. We start with a practical analysis and work with the client to develop rational and sensitive solutions that bring out the full potential of each project. We play with volume, light, shadow and materiality to compose poetic and emotive spaces that heighten the experience of our surroundings. We believe that by instilling spaces with comfort and a strong fundamental aesthetic quality that responds to occasion, we can enrich our bond with the built environment and therefore our daily lives. We use a collaborative working method that draws on a network of high-quality craftsmen, artisans, contractors and builders as well as the technical expertise of engineers and other specialist consultants.

The bb chair. bb like bebe/baby, mon amour. bb like Brigitte Bardot, voluptuous, suave. bb like babybel cheese, whose ingenious, soft, red, wax shell splits away into pieces. Escapism is the drifting of one’s mind to a fantasy as a distraction. Likewise, the chair alludes to many fantasies or images without fixing on a specific reference. The idea comes from the convergence of tectonic experiments in material and form, whereby many parts the same can make a whole. The basic structural form - a simple wheel forged from aluminium - is divided, repeated and assembled in a poetic manner to make a chair that is aesthetically striking and surprisingly comfortable; the nape supports the back. The sand cast technique also employs a process of repetition. A single mould hand carved from wood is used to make another mould from sand-resin into which molten aluminium is poured. The same sandcasted piece is poured six times for each of the chair's limbs. The result is both minimal and maximal, brutalist and glamorous, sensual and humorous. The chair can also be ordered in brass and bronze.