When the past and present combine in unexpected ways with a balance between minimalist and futuristic. BOON_MOON seamlessly integrates a variety of creative expressions by combining heritage with innovation. The gallery utilizes space, art, and design to convey its creativity, an evolution and continuity of the gallery's vision and character. Focused on a contemporary approach BOON_MOON is Parisian art & design gallery that has forged an unusual path through the collectible design market over the past years intending to create a universe that challenges the senses and the expectations of the classic gallery . The gallery is the primary representative of creative talents from all around the world, each contributing their vision and perspective; creating a sense of both community and individuality. An uninhibited creative expression to propose various means fort the public to enter its ingenious and inventive universe full of possibilities with no restrictions.

  • Address
  • 9 Rue De Lesdiguieres
  • 75004 Paris, France
  • +33967498780