Boldizar Senteski

Growing up in Budapest, Boldizar Senteski was influenced by the eclectic environment of the city where post soviet brutalism blends with the elements of a once prosperous monarchic era. He incorporates fragments from the urban landscape. Boldizar celebrates the simultaneous existence of past and future, passing and renewal, decay and flourishment. He uses alchemy and praises uncalculated errors while he lets materials shape themselves. Bridging the contrast between intentional and unintentional, traditional and progressive, craftsmanship and industrial solutions. Boldizar spent years experimenting with reflective and distressed surfaces, which resulted in his collection of handmade silver Mirror works. Currently Boldizar is expanding his collection with sculptural furniture pieces and collectible design objects. Boldizar is based between Paris, Budapest and New York.

  • Address
  • Piheno utca 15
  • 2083 Solymar, Pest, Hungary
  • +36309038338