Barry Llewellyn


Barry Llewellyn (b. 1998, Dublin) is a designer based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Barry received his BA from Design Academy Eindhoven, during which he established his practice centred around creating experimental objects for interior space. Often starting with remains as diverse as broken ceramic and discarded plastic, he balances a juxtaposition between the artefacts we consider waste and those that we treasure dearly. By binding these materials together, he grows new forms which are rich in colour, texture and shape to create stories that are both materially and politically relevant to our time.

Polyphony means a musical texture composed of multiple melodies that merge to form a harmony. Similar to melodies, the array of fused glass and sculpted ceramic on the wall pieces come together to form a dance between hard and soft, synthetic and organic. In a world of mass production where strict requirements dictate the forms of objects, Barry liberates materials by allowing them to crack, morph and melt. From puckering glass to overflowing metal, the pieces embody the materials in their native world.

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  • Geldropseweg 9G
  • 5611SB Eindhoven, Netherlands