Balzer Balzer Studio


Balzer Balzer is the studio of Nils Balzer, Moritz Balzer and Yanik Balzer founded in Berlin in 2019. Having their background in design and architecture, their work deals with creating design objects for daily use, often using found objects, shapes or networks and a rational approach that transcends itself with the desire and fantasy of the continuous rave.

Bubble-Light is a narrative light object by Balzer Balzer. Glass is squeezing out of a stainless steel cage, creating a billowing structure and a moment of tension. The cage refers to industrial bunker lights, whereby the metal grill creates protection for the glass. Since bunker lights found their way into the domestic landscape, the protective cage became obsolete. Balzer Balzer are using the now decorative cage for the production process by transforming the glass and making the process visible. The glass comes in various colors and translucencies. Each Bubble-Light is numbered, signed and unique.

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  • Tauroggener Straße 42
  • 10589 Berlin, Germany
  • +491721029621