Avenue du Roi


Avenue du Roi is the meeting of art and design, the dialogue between the artist and the designer, the discovery between the work and the viewer. Avenue du Roi consists of a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. A place to live where Elie and Thomas, the craftsmen of this project, welcome you, at the heart of sharing. Sharing of an intuition, a creation, a know-how, a vision of the world. Avenue du Roi takes place in the intimate atmosphere of an apartment where the need to live meets the need to dream. Artists and designers play the game of creating directly for the place and more broadly to the notion of habitat, while visitors discover the result in the comfort of a lively and convivial place, taking the time to look, to appreciate, to understand and to meet. Avenue du Roi offers to experience the encounter with the work and with the other in an intimate and convivial relationship.

  • Address
  • Avenue du Roi, 66
  • 1060 Brussels, Belgium
  • +32493248753