Atelier Jespers


Built by architect Victor Bourgeois for his friend and sculptor Oscar Jespers, the workshop was a popular meeting place for the European artistic avant-garde at the end of the 1920s. In 2015, Jean-François Declercq decided to turn it into an arts centre, a space dedicated to encounters and exhibitions. Under the name Atelier Jespers the house returned to its initial mission: presenting art.

  • Address
  • 149 avenue du Prince Heritier
  • 1200 Brussels,
  • +32475649581

Atelier Jespers

Johan Viladrich solo show

  • Dates
  • 26 May
  • 01 July 2021
  • Address
  • Atelier Jespers, 149 avenue du Prince Heritier
  • 1200, Brussels, Belgium

Atelier Jespers is excited to announce the solo show of Johan Viladrich during the online edition of COLLECTIBLE WEEK 2021. Jean-François Declercq will showcase the latest series of conceptual furniture by the Rotterdam-based designer. Johan Viladrich develops a rational form of design characterized by the absence of stylistic and superfluous elements. In his work, he uses standardized industrial materials with dimensions and proportions that no longer accommodate traditional values of comfort or ergonomics, but instead fulfil a productive ideal.


Exhibition of Anthony Guerrée, "Les Assises du temps perdu" at Cornette de St-Cyr, Paris


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