Atelier Duyi Han


Duyi Han (1994) is an artist and designer specializing in avant-garde aesthetic research and design. He creates objects and environments as emotion-based perceptual experiences that engage with the depth and beauty of diverse temporal and cultural contexts. His past work includes visual art, 3D videos, furniture, interiors, architecture, and exhibition design. His work has been recognized by multidisciplinary awards and major media platforms in more than 20 languages. Duyi Han works between Shanghai, Europe, and the US. He holds a B. Arch from Cornell University (New York) and has worked at Herzog & de Meuron (Basel, CH).

“They Told Me” chair: For a long history, furniture has been a form of artifact that both records cultural attitudes and carries production expertise. The current phase of globalization enables artists and designers to live and operate globally while emphatically demanding the use of distinct local craftsmanship and cultural resource. The chair is a collaboration between the artist and Shanghai region’s local textile industry and artisans. 80 hours of Chinese hand-embroidery on locally produced silk reflects the artist’s global lifestyle symbolically. Words, symbols of cities, postal codes, and luggage tags become ornaments that record the artist’s emotional attachment to places he has been to. The exposure to these various places has played a significant role in shaping the artist’s experience and approach, which results in this global and local piece.