Anima ona


anima ona is a collabortation between the product designers Freia Achenbach, June Fàbregas and Carlo Kurth. Their projects move on the border between product design, research and art. They understand their role as designers as a bridge between craft, art, industry, object and user and are interested in creating connections between a research-based practice and the wider design industry. In their work, they combine rich narratives with an awareness of materiality, forms and space. For each project, they choose a distinct approach characterised by experimental material investigations and explorations of the relationship between tradition and culture. The design trio met at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, where they each graduated with a diploma degree in industrial design. Since 2019, they have been collaborating on selected commissions as well as self-initiated projects.

The Baked Ornament Rug II is an abstraction of a traditional hand-woven carpet and is inspired by oriental patterns. Its three-dimensonal pattern and the surreal materiality playes with the perception of the viewer and inspires dreamlike associations while walking over the bubbly pattern. Instead of weaving, the digitally produced pattern is printed directly on to the fabric with the new textil technology GRDXKN. The printed textil color expands through heat and is reproducing the printed pattern like a relief on the other side of the fabric. It is stabalizing the textile, is giving it a body, a shape and thus prevents it from slipping on the floor. The rug is reversible.