AdriAn Blanc


AdriAn Blanc, is a French designer graduated from ECAL, he began his career in India, in contact with local know-how. By designing spaces layout for hotels and restaurants, seeking to combine the traditional and the contemporary. Back in France, he took part in various collective projects of creators, and was noticed by his achievements in urban furniture and micro architectural installation.

AdriAn became familiar with all the requirements associated with the industrial production of furniture and object collections. Integrated into the French design ecosystem, he has participated in the realization of various design projects. Since 2018, attached to his Lyonnais roots, he has established himself in the historic heart of his city to launch Pondy, which aims to be a creative studio, to develop beautiful collaborations with brands of products for home, hotel and o!ce. He is also since 2021, the Art director of the furniture brand Hartô.

AdriAn BLANC is one of these designers that cannot stand in one case! He looks his work as a walker, who loved to make bridges between things. “Drawings, furniture, travels, architectures...All is about conversation” He now wants to show his own way of expression and brings into life some of his prolific architectural drawings: Half-real, half-fantastic.