Aaron Blendowski


Aaron Blendowski produces work that ranges from functional sculpture to two-dimensional graphics in his studio located in the heart of Detroit’s Eastern Market. He finds inspiration from this diverse community, that encompasses both old and new – ranging from bustling with industry and commerce, to a quiet ghost town on off days. The growth and transition of his environment informs larger questions about the human condition; where we came from? What are we doing here? Where are we going?

The “Voyager” series by Aaron Blendowski deploys richly colorful objects meant to allure and transform the spaces they are placed into. At times unimaginable, other worldly or naturally occurring and extra-terrestrial, these objects create their own idiosyncratic reality through connections between fact and fiction. Combining various materials and techniques, with special attention to surface exploration and experimentation, the structures become functional three-dimensional hand painted canvases. It is more about the journey than what lies to be discovered, appealing to our understanding of reality and our ability to imagine – existing between the familiar and the unknown. “Voyager” speaks to the creativity and curiosity around being human, through the lens of a human designer.

  • Address
  • 5223 Moran Street
  • 48211 Detroit, USA
  • +2483422287